An Post: Being 25 years since their last refresh, An Post wanted to update the image and interface of their branches, appealing to a greater audience and improving the experience for their existing ones.

Background: Due to a large period of time since An Post’s last refresh they were keen to have a solution that enabled future growth, increased revenue, and used 3rd party retailers. With a heavy focus on the self-service, open counters and mission based queue management and placing the customer at the heart of the experience.

Result: Through the intelligent use of, durable materials, and informed application of technology and graphics, the fresh look provides customers with clear navigation through the space. The open dwelling areas allow for browsing or clustered waiting. Enabling An Post the ability to remain market leaders.

Scope of works included: Graphic Communication / Multiple Customer flow solutions / Environment concept & design / Material Specification / Contractor liaison London Office: 07866 574665 Cardiff Office: 07974 692971