Lakwatsa: Claire Buyson saw an opportunity to set up a bubble tea store in the trendy area of Notting Hill and named it Lakwatsa (meaning ‘To Chill’ in Filipino).

Background: Linking her passion for Philippine food with the already popular bubble tea she wanted to create an environment around the concept of Merienda (‘Light Meal’ in Filipino) providing a warm & inviting destination to meet with friends.

Result: The brand image, being simple, strong and friendly is highlighted by the design of the versatile Lakwatsa stamp. The design detailed stripped back timber for the swing benches, Cork surfaces, and vibrant cushions strapped by leather belts to reused vegetable crates for additional seating, giving the space a quirky personality. A pin mounted Polaroid loyalty cards board and scrabble menu gave the environment and truly unique personality.

Scope of works included: Brand creation / Graphic Communication / Store layout / Environment concept & design / Material Specification / Contractor liaison London Office: 07866 574665 Cardiff Office: 07974 692971