Thomas Lyte: Thomas Lyte, known for being the producers of the FA Cup and Sports Personality of the Year trophies, wanted to create a flagship retail experience.

Background: The aim was to translate their philosophy and personality into a rich visual expression to be showcased at their new store located in Mayfair’s Burlington Arcade, along side other luxury brands.

Result: The detailed use of quality materials in the bespoke furniture, walls and floors, echo the craftsmanship seen in the luxury accessories on display. Low-level ambient lighting enables pools of direction spots to highlight the product, and draw focus to the individual displays within the black lacquered ‘Hero Wall’ or studded leather window bays.

Scope of works included: Graphic Communication / Store layout / Environment concept & design / Material Specification / Contractor liaison London Office: 07866 574665 Cardiff Office: 07974 692971